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NewsQuips for left-wing hacks and right-wing people


Salon.com-2014-10-29_125303Either Salon.com is dumb, or this is the parody Salon.com page which blurted out this tendentious headline and absurd, gaffalicious subhead:

Right-wing hacks’ war on medicine: Why they botch Ebola, abortion and other health policy
Whether it’s mandatory quarantine or admitting privileges, pols like Andrew Cuomo disregard best medical practice

Yeah, you’re right, Cuomo is a liberal Democrat. Now, unless you’re a full-on socialist or a communist, Democrats are never considered to be “right-wing hacks.”

Oh and Obama’s ebola “Czar?” Yeah, a political hack – a Democrat operative – with utterly no science or ebola expertise, whatsoever.

As is often the case, there are clues as to the root cause of this problem, aside from it being from Salon.com: it is in the byline:

Katie McDonough is Salon’s politics writer, focusing on gender, sexuality and reproductive justice.

They have a politics writer focusing on gender. And sexuality. And “reproductive justice.” They’re not like us. They’re left-wing hacks.


People don’t write NewsQuips! Government does! Despite Hillary, here’s a NewsQuips or two.

NQ-Aguafina-smallHillary_what_differenceOh! This is a beaut!
My my. Remember this? President Obama: ‘If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’  These two so-called “progressives” sound like full-on socialists, to us.  I guess when all you’ve ever really done is work for the gov, then everything in your world is gov-driven. Obama and the Clintons are of this ilk.  And here’s another quote, this one good: Mark Levin: Hillary Clinton Is Obama In A Dress


Carol Costello did not apologize, or resign, today. Many had expected her to. A Washington Post writer suggested it’s her only out. And yet, nothing.
Greyhound_NewsQuips     NewsQuips is NOT on the “she must apologize” bus. Oh she should be utterly ashamed of herself, without question. She should probably resign. But nobody can force somebody to feel apologetic. Nobody should be forced to say something they aren’t thinking or feeling. That’s fascist. Costello obviously couldn’t give a rat’s ass that she made a massive gaffe, and massively insulted and disrespected the Palins, and betrayed her hideous hypocrisy and double standards. She’s despicable, and that’s why she hasn’t apologized. And CNN is equally culpable, here.


NewsQuips for Carol Costello resigns from CNN day.

OK well yeah, Costello’s not going to quit in shame, because the liberal media has no shame. (And she didn’t even apologize on air, today. So.)


Here’s a poignant tweet captured earlier this morning:


New York City physician tests positive for Ebola
But don’t worry, this is not going to affect you. The government is going to save you. That’s what the government says. In fact the government said this wasn’t going to happen in the first place. So you might be dreaming. Perhaps you should also check in to a hospital for mental testing. Let’s go to Ann Coulter for a comment!

NQ-Aguafina-smallIslamic State militants used chlorine gas in Iraq attack
More chemical weapons in Iraq? Well that’s weird. Iraq HAS no weapons of mass destruction or “WMD.” I mean the lib media has been telling us that over, and over, and over again, since exactly March 20, 2003. Obviously an error in reporting.


So it turns out the nutbar who attacked some cops with a hatchet, in New York, yesterday, was, get this, hold on to something… a self-radicalized convert to Islam. Therefore, Obama will call it “work-place violence” on account of the cops being street cops. That’s not how New York reads it: Hatchet attack on N.Y. police a ‘terrorist attack,’ commissioner declares. Here’s a graphic of the ever-so normal misunderstood disadvantaged workplace violence guys’ Facebook page for some less than subtle clues:


(UPDATED): Disgust grows over CNN’s Carol Costello’s epic bias and hypocrisy and Palin hate-on


Sample tweets, just a couple out of dozens yesterday and today:

There are several articles available today too. Start here.

Here’s a few more tweets:

….And there are many more, including a few at Twitchy.com.


Breitbart reports that Carol Costello has apologized…. TO THEM ONLY. Not on air. And not to the general public, and not to the Palins. CNN’S CAROL COSTELLO APOLOGIZES FOR ‘JOKING’ ABOUT BRISTOL PALIN’S ASSAULT AUDIO

UPDATE: According to CNN, Costello will not apologize on the air. “No, she will not,” was the official response. (See above article)

UPDATE: Apparently the apology memo was sent to a few outlets, including Politico.com, which wrote it up.


Oh. Your answer was relevant.

From Chris Stirewalt’s daily mail today:

Asked by MSNBC whether President Obama is a strong leader, Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., couldn’t quite pump up an answer at first. She initially dodged, saying Obama has “a lot on his plate.” First on her list: The BP oil spill of 2010, but also ISIS and Ebola. After rummaging around for a while and being pressed for an answer, Hagan eventually concluded with “certainly there are issues that I certainly think… um, no.” But that was tame compared to what Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, had to say. In an interview with Washington Examiner Begich didn’t duck the question of whether he voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, as other Democratic candidates have. But Begich said the question wasn’t relevant. Why not? “The president’s not relevant,” Begich explained. “He’s gone in two years.”

How the mighty have fallen.

Looking for a design do-over

Our original design for NewsQuips was cool. A table with three columns and as many rows as we thought we needed to present a whole bunch of short news quips, right on your face, without even trying, daily. You could see several news(quips) items all at once, and some were strategically grouped together to add emphasis – or our bent – to an ongoing news drama.

But that didn’t work well in mobile phones – not even big ones – because they can’t present big tables, and all the stuff we put in them, very well, at all.

So we changed to the more familiar and now, frankly, all-too-ubiquitous blogging format, which presents very well in mobiles. But we find that it practically forces a writer to write more than a mere quip, resulting in many posts which are simply another blog post instead of the short, smart (or smart-ass) quip format that we had in mind.

In a word, this it’s not now what we had in mind when we started.  The whole look and feel is not right.

So we’re asking for a do-over. But these things take time. We’ll try to continue to make quips here while we work on the do-over.

Poll: A pox on Big Government

The liberal web site is loath to admit it, no doubt, but we enjoy the truth. The latest experiment by progressives with Big Government has once again failed.

A devastating new Politico poll reveals voters believe America has spun off its axis and is “out of control.” 

“An overwhelming majority of voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are ‘out of control’ and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms,” reports Politico.

The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe “things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.” …


CNN whitewashes (scrubs?) Ebola czar’s Democratic Party hackery

We noticed that on Wolf Blitzer’s 1:00 PM show, he had referred to Ronald Klain as a “White House insider,” rather than as a “Democratic Party insider,” which is more factually accurate. The whitewashing, we verbally noted, continues apace.

But then we noticed something even more blatant. During Ashleigh Banfield’s show, at 12:00 noon, she showed a screen listing Klain’s partial record (as seen in a previous post here):


But the next hour, Wolf Blitzer, who described Klain as a “White House insider,” had this board instead – which had the “Democratic Party Insider” line erased.



Obama appoints a left-wing political hack as Ebola “Czar.”

Oh here we go. Another session of intensive CNN news analysis with another panel-a-palooza.


Four – count ’em – four CNN “journalists” and “analysts” discussed the crap out of this, for minutes on end, not one of them ever even remotely pointing out the political hackery going on with the appointment of this new “Czar,” or even the possibility of it, or even the appearance of it, despite this haYUGE screen detailing his political – and only political – credentials, overlaying their deep, deep analysis (and they left lots of the political hackery out).



So the Obama admin is going for a pure political solution to a health care problem. But just don’t you DARE accuse them of playing politics with America and its citizens’ health! If you do, then you’re a racist! Well hell, you are anyway.

This is the same Ronald Klain who tweeted this election truther idiocy in response to a Vox.com tweet (yeah, apparently he’s a fan of idiots’ web sites):

Well something rigged, but it’s not general elections.

So yeah. Stellar performance all around.

“Obama fever” wasn’t supposed to be connected to Ebola.

Yesterday we had to laugh as a news reporter, live on national air, discussed the federal guidelines surrounding the fever threshold for Ebola as the “Obama fev…” before correcting himself mid-way through “fever” and saying “Obama fever.” It was bound to happen, and not just because the names are similar, but because the stories are connected, and because they are both negative stories. We would forgive you for going the extra mile and describing anybody performing abysmally at their job, but yet carrying on with an arrogant swagger nonetheless, simply as “Obama-ing”.

Sure that’s a tad derogatory, but well done.

But holy shnikies. Talk about well done. New York Daily News tweeted this out today – a glimpse of tomorrow’s cover. Drudge took about three seconds to plaster it atop his site, and now millions have seen it. And it’s not Bush’s fault, Barack. You built this.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Hooboy. Democrat “opposed” to gay marriage just to get elected in red state?

Project Veritas Action founder James O’Keefe does it again

‘If you tell anyone I told you that, I’m gonna find you, and I’ll kill you’: Arkansas gay rights leader caught on hidden-camera saying Democratic senator who publicly opposes gay marriage has told her privately he is ‘not against it’

A bombshell hidden-camera video released Wednesday airs a claim that Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor has privately told gay rights activists he supports a redefinition of marriage to include gay and lesbians unions. Pryor, who is in a tight reelection battle, has publicly maintained an anti-gay-marriage stance in the red state in order to stay electable.

‘I support traditional marriage, and I’ve been pretty clear on that for a long time,’ Sen. Mark Pryor said in a May 31 news broadcast on KHBS-TV40 in the city of Fort Smith.

But one of the state’s prominent gay rights leaders told an undercover investigator with Project Veritas Action, a conservative group known for its ‘gotcha’ videos, that Pryor has assured gay marriage advocates he’s on their side.

‘If you tell anyone I told you that, I’m gonna find you, and I’ll kill you,’ the activist, Bailey Rae Bibb, says in the video after confiding in the hidden camera-wearing covert operative. …

Charles C.W. Cooke: Another Brazen Lie from Moms Demand Action

Since we’re shooting holes in the left’s blatant lies being tossed around today, let’s go with this one too. (And yeah, the second Charles C.W. Cooke article we’ve referenced this week. The man’s on a roll.):

Another Brazen Lie from Moms Demand Action

On the outfit’s Facebook page, the image is furnished with a caption:

Dmitry Smirnov was prohibited from purchasing firearms because he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. But he was able to buy a handgun from a stranger online at Armslist.com with no questions asked. Less than two weeks later, Smirnov traveled to Chicago and murdered his ex-girlfriend, who he had been stalking. He shot her a dozen times

This is astoundingly, willfully, egregiously dishonest. Every single thing that Dmitry Smirnov did was already flatly illegal. He didn’t utilize any “loopholes”; he didn’t benefit from any ambiguities or exceptions in the law; he wasn’t freed up by a lack of “common sense” prohibitions. He just broke the existing rules.

Let’s go through this methodically:

…And he does. Meticulously.

This is the penultimate paragraph:

The bottom line: The law did not “fail Jitka Vesel.” Once again: Smirnov came into no contact with “loopholes in our law”; he just broke the existing rules. To suggest otherwise is deceitful in the extreme.

We enjoyed this tweet, too:

Tennesseans to vote on *banning* income taxes to keep things right

Tennessee state flagWe hereby declare our love for Tennessee and Tennesseans.


Tennesseans to vote on banning income taxes

Most voters in Tennessee pay no income or payroll taxes. Next month, they will decide whether they want that to remain that way.

A state ballot referendum, Amendment 3, would write prohibitions of both income and payroll taxes into the state constitution, pushed by anti-tax advocates who are worried about previous government efforts to add an income tax. …

… The state’s main source of revenue is its 7 percent sales tax, the second-highest rate in the nation with four other states, according to the Tax Foundation. California’s is the highest at 7.5 percent. …

Tennessee climate

“Most of the state has a humid subtropical climate…”

Tennessee Economy

“For 2012, the state held an asset surplus of $533 million, one of only eight states in the nation to report a surplus. …”

Freedom to defend

“Concealed carry and open-carry of a handgun is permitted with a Tennessee handgun carry permit or an equivalent permit from any other state….”

House prices

“The median home value in Tennessee is $124,300. Tennessee home values have gone up 5.1% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 2.9% within the next year. The median price of homes currently listed in Tennessee is $169,900. The median rent price in Tennessee is $990.”

Ace of Spades: Despite What You May Have Read In The Papers, The Iraq War Was Not About An Active Weapons Program

Ace_of_Spades_HQ-logo(100)Ace of Spade’s writers usually leave a mark, but this one leaves a huge chemical weapons-grade burn on the butt of progressives, who routinely, and with malice, caterwaul about “Bush’s lies” re the Iraq war – by actually lying.  Take their New York Times division as an example.

Despite What You May Have Read In The Papers, The Iraq War Was Not About An Active Weapons Program

The NYTimes has published a particularly despicable piece on the Iraq War. Here’s the link, if you must. Now, let me start by saying there are parts of this piece that are noteworthy, and those parts recount acts of valor and duty by U.S. service members. That’s not the despicable part. The despicable part is how the NYTimes writers have twisted what happened to these service members to their own end of rewriting the Iraq War.

According to the NYTimes, chemical weapons of mass destruction were indeed found in Iraq during the war, as has been a simmering, off-again-on-again open secret. But the NYTimes says these were not the chemical WMD that President Bush said would be found:

The United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program. Instead, American troops gradually found and ultimately suffered from the remnants of long-abandoned programs, built in close collaboration with the West.

The New York Times found 17 American service members and seven Iraqi police officers who were exposed to nerve or mustard agents after 2003. American officials said that the actual tally of exposed troops was slightly higher, but that the government’s official count was classified.

The secrecy fit a pattern. Since the outset of the war, the scale of the United States’ encounters with chemical weapons in Iraq was neither publicly shared nor widely circulated within the military. These encounters carry worrisome implications now that the Islamic State, a Qaeda splinter group, controls much of the territory where the weapons were found.

The first sentence is an absolute lie, uttered at Bush 43’s expense, and made to justify the terrifying conclusion, laid at Obama’s feet, in the last sentence. …

Writer Gabriel Malor goes on to explain in detail, with actual, historic examples of Bush speeches, how the NYT lied today, in their effort to rewrite history, to the defend the lies actually told – by progressives.

Being a progressive is hard. All the lies.

“Online liberalism” à la Ezra Klein. Must-read Charles C.W. Cooke article

Charles_C.W._CookeBrilliantly written, Charles C.W. Cooke dismantles the latest liberal outrage, in particular, the infamous Vox.com’s Ezra Klein, who endorses California’s controversial new sexual-consent law, which Cooke says “proposed a blunt increase in the power of America’s Star Chambers as the natural answer to the problem du jour…”

Take a few minutes and read about the online liberal you know so well.

The Illiberal Ezra Klein
Jettisoning due process for those accused of rape is a small price to pay for social change.
By Charles C. W. Cooke

…Klein has neatly illustrated just how dangerously capricious and supple the Progressive Hierarchy of Pieties really is. I daresay that it is rather easy to be a “liberal” when liberalism lines up nicely with the prevailing sentiments of one’s social cohorts. But it is much, much harder when it does not. Genuine “liberals” — those in the tradition of John Locke and Adam Smith, and not of Herbert Croly or Rachel Maddow — do not forsake timeless principle for last night’s orthodoxy because, for them, due process is as important today as it was at the time of Magna Carta. Ezra Klein, by contrast, appears to be something of a weathervane. Forced to choose between the universal principles of the Enlightenment and the transient pressure of this year’s moral panic, he plumped squarely for the latter. For shame. …


“Man-made global warming” fail: water temp of Great Lakes 6 degrees colder than norm

Wut? Can’t be true, because of the science, and etc.

Water temperature of the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than normal

…Lakes Superior and Lake Michigan are currently six degrees colder than last year. …

Guess we won’t get a tweet from any greenies about this blog entry, which, by the way, we’re posting only because you won’t easily find it in the liberal media.

You also won’t easily find any articles about the fact that the Antarctic has more ice than ever before. Or about Barack Obama’s and lapses of sound, adult-quality judgement. Do we see a pattern here? Yes. science is settled. The debate: over. Thank you.

Jim Geraghty: “Git-R-Done America vs. Washington” (spoiler alert: we don’t blame Bush)

Jim_GeraghtyThis column hit a sweet spot this morning:

From the first Morning Jolt of the week:
Git-R-Done America vs. Washington

… In your life, failure is not an option.

… Where is this “get it done” attitude in Washington? Every time you turn around, it’s some new excuse. …

Compounding the problem is the liberal media hacks, who can’t break free of their cult-like Obamaluv and their akin love for big CNN-capture_20141011_145033-cropgovernment. Despite polls showing Americans have finally caught on to the truth about Obama – i.e. his failure (see recent post) – leftist Paul Krugman of the liberals’ New York Times said last week that Obama was one of America’s most successful and consequential presidents. Consequential, perhaps, in the degree to which he failed to live up to the hype perpetrated by himself, and his sycophants both in and out of liberal media.

Having read the report in the National Review about that Krugman remark, one reader quipped succinctly:


Even TMZ seems embarrassed by the president and his Hollywood liberals’ sycophancy.

The article’s headline stings right off the bat:


The first sentence sounds like something we’d have written:

The idiocy of Hollywood was in full bloom Thursday night when Gwyneth Paltrow turned an already-embarrassing Hollywood fundraiser into “The Dating Game.”

The second sentence leaves the stinging to the idiots themselves:

Paltrow — who hosted the event at her Brentwood home — gushed as she introduced President Obama, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

Then it gets worse – or better:

She then showed utter ignorance about, and contempt for, the Constitution and separation of powers — the basic tenant of our government — by saying, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.”

And it keeps going like that. 

They forgot to mention anything about income inequality, since it would be hideous to broach that subject in this story; or the carbon footprint of the presidential motorcade amongst the $10 million-dollar-homes (they do have video of it. It goes on for, like, 10 minutes. 

Obama White House in new scandal: coverup of under-the covers hooker action

Involves unforgivable lapses within the Secret Service, again; but also, allegedly, the White House itself. Oh and this young lad, who was allegedly caught with a hooker, and then promoted by the Obama admin to a position of advisor on women’s affairs. Yup. Oh yeah and his daddy is a huge Obama donor. Oh yeah and they tried to keeo this quiet ahead of the 2012 elections. Oh yeah, and they still are.

A huge breaking story for the Washington Post, which is currently being totally ignored by nearly all other media. They are still playing stupid, apparently trying to shield Obama from this for as long as possible, thereby betraying their perfidy once again.


Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal

Also see write-up by Ron Fournier: 

Why the Colombian Hooker Scandal Matters

1/2 of Muslim men, 3/4 of Muslim women unemployed in UK

Britain’s coping classes at breaking point

… Unemployment among ethnic minorities costs the economy almost £8.6 billion a year in benefits and lost revenue from taxes. Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed. …

This next sentence is their Fox Butterfield moment:

… racism and religious prejudice are increasing, while hostility towards immigration has grown. …

Golly. How racist and intolerant. 

Reid should read the writing on the wall

Harry Reid’s Favorability Rating Hits New Low

Just 21 percent of Americans view him favorably, a Harry_Reiddrop from 27 percent six months ago … Fewer than half of Democrats view Reid favorably, and only 13 percent of independents agree.

Warner says Senate ‘could perhaps do better’ than Reid as leader

Despite a double-digit lead in most polls, incumbent Sen. Mark Warner still felt he had to distance himself from his party, telling NBC’s Chuck Todd during a debate Tuesday that the Senate “could perhaps do better in both parties moving forward” than having Sen. Harry Reid as majority leader.

The Virginia Democrat made the comment after Todd asked him if he thought Reid, D-Nev., was the best possible leader the Senate could have. “I’ll take that as a no,” Todd said.


… “There is a feeling and I have a feeling that the leadership and the president have given up on the big issues facing this country whether it’s immigration or a budget deal or infrastructure funding or trade or energy. there is a sense that you can’t deal with that. This country needs that. They can’t give up.” …

He’s basically checked out. Seems to be what Panetta is saying. But we question whether Obama ever really checked in. His office is vacant this week  —  all week  — again, as Obama is out on the road during all these crises….fundraising! When he’s not out of his office golfing, or on vacation, he’s out of his office fundraising.