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Today in Big Gov: rockets to nowhere

This story reads more like a missive from the Soviet-era state news, rather than from a normal capitalist country. That’s because It’s about Big Government, rather than capitalism and the private sector.

NASA’s $349 million monument to its drift

GULFPORT, Miss. — In June, NASA finished work on a huge construction project here in Mississippi: a $349 million laboratory tower, designed to test a new rocket engine in a chamber that mimicked the vacuum of space.

Then, NASA did something odd.

As soon as the work was done, it shut the tower down. The project was officially “mothballed” — closed up and left empty — without ever being used.

… The empty tower in Mississippi is evidence of a breakdown at NASA, which used to be a glorious symbol of what an American bureaucracy could achieve. In the Space Race days of the 1960s, the agency was given a clear, galvanizing mission: reach the moon within the decade. In less than seven, NASA got it done.

Now, NASA has become a symbol of something else: what happens to a big bureaucracy after its sense of mission starts to fade.

The similarity of the story to the fake news coming out of communist USSR is freakish:

Seven years ago, when the tower still seemed like a useful idea, the governor came to the groundbreaking. So did a congressman. Two senators. On a hot morning in August 2007, next to a canal full of alligators, somebody laid down AstroTurf and clean dirt over the sandy Mississippi soil. The dignitaries stood on the fake grass. They stuck gold-painted shovels into the fake earth.

They said they were starting one of the greatest journeys in human history. …

Nobody will be fired. Nothing will be learned. History will repeat itself, just like it is in Russia today.

Waterboard away

Bret Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal:

I  Am Not Sorry the CIA Waterboarded

… I am not sorry Osama bin Laden died by an American bullet. John Brennan , the CIA director, delivered a master class in rhetorical obfuscation masquerading as epistemology when he waffled last week about the quality of intelligence yielded by the interrogations of KSM and other high-value detainees. But several former directors and deputy directors of the CIA have all attested to the link between KSM’s interrogation and the identification of bin Laden’s courier. …

Obama disapproval: a whopping 58%

So much for that airy theory held by liberals who think Americans are stupid, that once the dumb voters get the mid-terms out of their system, and their big fat silly temper tantrums with the Democrats subside, they would once again embrace that smart Barack Obama.

THE AP-GfK POLL December, 2014
58% now disapprove of Obama

And this poll result comes before the Democrats’ CIA “torture” report was released by the Dems.

Turns out Americans aren’t stupid.

A record 58% of Americans would repeal Obamacare

A Fox News poll, conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R),  shows the most support ever for repealing Obamacare.

And it’s not just Republicans who want it repealed. A whopping 61% of independents, and even 28% of Democrats would scrap it, given the chance.

We think more than 28% pf Democrats actually want it repealed, but many are simply defensive of their position because they bought into the lies, and voted for Democrats. Many liberals will never admit to the failure of left-wing policies, as we have seen.

Twice the number of people say they are worse off under Obamacare, than say they are better off.

The media will learn nothing from this

….And the journalism schools will teach none of this. Which is why this happens.

The liberals’ Rolling Stone magazine division made a terrible story out of a terrible story. And now all the media is scrambling for cover. Here, for example, is how the Washington Post is covering it today and earlier in the week – with about 18 articles.

What worries us is that they may well be more concerned about the journalism aspect of this – in which one of their own got all caught-up in a morass of bad journalism – than they are about the victims.



Have we reached peak left-wing bromides?

Our ready supply of patience with all the progressives’ BS – has certainly peaked.

‘Peak Oil’ Debunked, Again

It has been 216 years since Thomas Malthus gave birth to the idea that mankind’s appetite for natural resources would outstrip nature’s capacity to supply them. There have since been regular warnings that the world is running out of soybeans, helium,chocolate, tunsgsten, you name it—and that population growth has become unsustainable. The warnings create a political or social panic for a while, only to be proved wrong.

The latest reckoning with reality is the end of the obsession with “peak oil,” which for years had serious people proclaiming that we were entering an era of permanent fossil fuels scarcity. It didn’t work out that way. …