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MSNBC dubs popular majority-supported refugee bill “EXTREME,” of course

Despite Barack Obama threatening to veto it, 47 of Obama’s 188 fellow Democrats voted to support the refugee bill yesterday, no doubt because their constituents supported it. Along with the Republican congressmen, that means representatives of the vast majority of America supported it. That literally means the bill reflects a mainstream sentiment, and suggests the measures were not in any way considered “extreme.” Yet MSNBC still sees fit to shout “EXTREME” anyway. “HOUSE SETS EXTREME MEASURES FOR REFUGEES”


Clearly, logic dictates that what’s “extreme” then is the whacky notion that no additional refugee security measures need to be put in place in this day and age. That idea, and Obama and MSNBC and the like-minded, are the ones who are, by definition, adherents of “extreme measures”

Science! Low gas pump prices = no conspiracy to lower prices

When you’re right, you’re right. And when you’re left, you’re bogus.

When gasoline prices are high, Beltway liberals blame Big Oil or Wall Street. But when prices come down, these politicians “never seem to notice the windfall losses,” observes a Journal editorial. In 2012 President Obama told his law enforcers to investigate potential “acts of manipulation.” But as far as we can tell, “in the nearly 17 months when the price of U.S. crude oil has slid from $107 per barrel to a recent $45, Mr. Obama hasn’t advanced a single conspiracy theory to explain this decline,” adds the Journal.

Seems basic economic principles such as supply and demand aren’t, in fact, some evil capitalist plot to ruin the world after all! Well not until prices pick up again anyway.