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Reid should read the writing on the wall

Harry Reid’s Favorability Rating Hits New Low

Just 21 percent of Americans view him favorably, a Harry_Reiddrop from 27 percent six months ago … Fewer than half of Democrats view Reid favorably, and only 13 percent of independents agree.

Warner says Senate ‘could perhaps do better’ than Reid as leader

Despite a double-digit lead in most polls, incumbent Sen. Mark Warner still felt he had to distance himself from his party, telling NBC’s Chuck Todd during a debate Tuesday that the Senate “could perhaps do better in both parties moving forward” than having Sen. Harry Reid as majority leader.

The Virginia Democrat made the comment after Todd asked him if he thought Reid, D-Nev., was the best possible leader the Senate could have. “I’ll take that as a no,” Todd said.


… “There is a feeling and I have a feeling that the leadership and the president have given up on the big issues facing this country whether it’s immigration or a budget deal or infrastructure funding or trade or energy. there is a sense that you can’t deal with that. This country needs that. They can’t give up.” …

He’s basically checked out. Seems to be what Panetta is saying. But we question whether Obama ever really checked in. His office is vacant this week  —  all week  — again, as Obama is out on the road during all these crises….fundraising! When he’s not out of his office golfing, or on vacation, he’s out of his office fundraising.