Project Veritas Action founder James O’Keefe does it again

‘If you tell anyone I told you that, I’m gonna find you, and I’ll kill you’: Arkansas gay rights leader caught on hidden-camera saying Democratic senator who publicly opposes gay marriage has told her privately he is ‘not against it’

A bombshell hidden-camera video released Wednesday airs a claim that Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor has privately told gay rights activists he supports a redefinition of marriage to include gay and lesbians unions. Pryor, who is in a tight reelection battle, has publicly maintained an anti-gay-marriage stance in the red state in order to stay electable.

‘I support traditional marriage, and I’ve been pretty clear on that for a long time,’ Sen. Mark Pryor said in a May 31 news broadcast on KHBS-TV40 in the city of Fort Smith.

But one of the state’s prominent gay rights leaders told an undercover investigator with Project Veritas Action, a conservative group known for its ‘gotcha’ videos, that Pryor has assured gay marriage advocates he’s on their side.

‘If you tell anyone I told you that, I’m gonna find you, and I’ll kill you,’ the activist, Bailey Rae Bibb, says in the video after confiding in the hidden camera-wearing covert operative. …

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