WASHINGTON, DC—In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a former close aide to Bill Clinton, fired FBI Director James Comey suggested that upon close observation and “using my skills as an unbiased FBI sleuth,” he could “totally tell” that President Donald Trump “had a hickey on his neck.”

“And it was probably caused by a Russian hooker,” the former FBI Director declared to a awestruck Stephanopolousolpoulsop. “I think she was working in collusion with Trump or Trump associates,” Comey added, citing no particulars.

The accusation did not go unnoticed by Trump, who tweeted over the weekend, “Comey’s got cooties! Sad!”

Comey repeated his previous accusations about Trump’s temperament, telling Stephanopoolousop “Trump ia big fat meanie pants and nobody likes him. Also, Nazi.”

Asked what Comey thought about the current state of affairs in American politics, Comey told Stephanopoopus “people act like immature babies and say stupid biased things in public, and I submit that it’s got to stop starting after the midterms if the right party gets elected to be the boss of the congress.”