Jim_GeraghtyThis column hit a sweet spot this morning:

From the first Morning Jolt of the week:
Git-R-Done America vs. Washington

… In your life, failure is not an option.

… Where is this “get it done” attitude in Washington? Every time you turn around, it’s some new excuse. …

Compounding the problem is the liberal media hacks, who can’t break free of their cult-like Obamaluv and their akin love for big CNN-capture_20141011_145033-cropgovernment. Despite polls showing Americans have finally caught on to the truth about Obama – i.e. his failure (see recent post) – leftist Paul Krugman of the liberals’ New York Times said last week that Obama was one of America’s most successful and consequential presidents. Consequential, perhaps, in the degree to which he failed to live up to the hype perpetrated by himself, and his sycophants both in and out of liberal media.

Having read the report in the National Review about that Krugman remark, one reader quipped succinctly:

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