We’ve long said that unless you watch Fox News Channel, you’re not seeing a whole lot of the important news. Here we go again.

NBC Ignores Gruber for 11th Day as ABC’s WNT Breaks Silence

And this is a huge story. Even CNN viewers know more than many, since Jake Tapper broke their silence on the matter some time ago and went all racist on Obama (not really, but if we understand correctly, anybody who criticizes Barack Obama is a racist, according to The Left).

…Instead of giving mention to Gruber on this occasion, NBC Nightly News devoted 32 seconds to the results of a study that found fewer Americans will have the need for a two-car garage in their homes as more Americans are expected to use public transit and other forms of transportation in the future and take the percentage of homes with more than two cars down to 43 percent by 2040. …

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