NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Investment website has warned visitors that they should be wary of the stock market on the basis of the fact that there have been market gains and the global economies are doing extremely well.

Asked by Newsquips for comment on this seemingly contrarian or bizarre analysis, they refused to answer on the basis of being transparent and clear in their advice.

Newsquips asked several Wall Street experts for comment, and broker Murray Wilson of the firm Blankenstop and Co. was amused, telling Newsquips, “So to be clear, they advocate that if things are going well, then things are going poorly. If the market looks great, then it looks bad. I think I’ll not drink tonight because I don’t not want to.”

Another Wall Streeter reiterated Orwell’s Big Brother who said it best in 1984:
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.