As if suddenly becoming self aware, and publicly acknowledging his flagging support, Obama’s team of supporters – or what’s left of them – sent out a mass email yesterday.  (We’re on the Obama email list for the lulz.)  It had this very poorly crafted subject header: “Are you still with me?”  Like, surely, dude one can’t “still” be with me after all my screw-ups and after being demonstrably inadequate for the job!


The “still” is the operative – and very sort of sad – word. Any self-respecting PR or marketing wiz would, well, work for another candidate, but would edit out that “still,” before leaving.

We never were “with” Barack Obama, except with his email list. But perhaps others on the list – those who are “still” with the guy – gave the team a bit of feedback. Today, they issued a new email with the subject header: “Are you with me?” – not “still,” but just plain “are you with me.”


We’re still not.

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