Yesterday we had to laugh as a news reporter, live on national air, discussed the federal guidelines surrounding the fever threshold for Ebola as the “Obama fev…” before correcting himself mid-way through “fever” and saying “Obama fever.” It was bound to happen, and not just because the names are similar, but because the stories are connected, and because they are both negative stories. We would forgive you for going the extra mile and describing anybody performing abysmally at their job, but yet carrying on with an arrogant swagger nonetheless, simply as “Obama-ing”.

Sure that’s a tad derogatory, but well done.

But holy shnikies. Talk about well done. New York Daily News tweeted this out today – a glimpse of tomorrow’s cover. Drudge took about three seconds to plaster it atop his site, and now millions have seen it. And it’s not Bush’s fault, Barack. You built this.

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