NQ-Aguafina-smallIn his latest foray into the world of things about which he knows nothing, President Obama has decided the number of troops he originally sent to Iraq and Syria (which he had told us was the perfect number to fight jayvee teams of “misunderstood” and “excluded” “workplace violence” perpetrators), was wrong by half. This is after having first withdrawn all the troops that were already there, because he was totes sure none of them were needed there at all, any longer. So he will now double the number of troops. Strategy. Science.

NQ-Aguafina-smallLoretta_LynchObama is also about to name a replacement for outgoing attorney general Eric Holder, amidst his myriad scandals (Holder’s, and Obama’s). And the Washington Post reports that “U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch was the least controversial of the final choices before the president,” and so she will get the nod. But here’s the thing, as reported in a separate paragraph in the WaPo story:

Lynch enjoys the strong support of Democrats and progressive activists.

Well then. At least this pick is not at all about far-left politics, first and foremost.

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