2012_May_8_Sandra_Fluke_and_friend_cropped_to_collarVoters largely aborted at least a couple of left-wing memes last night.

The left-wing free birth control and entitlement maven Sandra Fluke lost her bid to be a California state senator. That’s good, manifestly because she’s an idiot, but also because she was the iconic leftist progressive feminist candidate – the moocher in chief.

But Texas candidate for governor Wendy Davis, who, though she denies it, basically ran on a left-wing feminist platform hinging on late term abortions-for-all, also lost big. She was another icon of left-wing feminism.

Another pro free birth control and abortions-for-all candidate, Colorado senator Mark Udall, also lost.

And that’s just a sampling of the magnitude of the collapse. Several Republican women won in various races. Taken together, it means the idiotic “Republicans are waging a war on Women” meme, perpetrated by the malicious left, including their media division, was betrayed as the deceptive gimmick we already knew it was.


While the “war on women” war was being lost, on another front, the “Republicans are racists” war was also being lost. For the first time, a black man has been elected to the senate in the south. Tim Scott won handily. So much for that “racist” meme and particularly the “racist Republican south” meme, as if it weren’t already demonstrably bogus.

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