“Not hard enough yet,” says leading Democrat on the panel.

WASHINGTON, DC—Reports leaked from the Senate Tax-Filing Subcommittee and acquired by Newsquips indicate that the annual burden of personal tax-filing will expand to a three-month-long process, effective in 2019.

Reports indicate that the complication of tax filing will be increased even further by Congress, after the 2018 midterm elections, to include “far more taxable items, but also more taxable exemptions. And far, far, more, like, detail,” said one Senator, a woman from Maryland.

New tax forms are said to include some 887 pages of “simple instructions” — in each of English, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi, and Mandarin. Those earning more than $89,000 will receive a 4,286-page how-to booklet for their accountants.

“Americans expect government to issue tax refunds, so this requires a complexier tax return, and robustier tax revenues,” said an aid to the Senator pushing the idea.

“Americans don’t mind spending more time doing their taxes, since people in other countries like in China and Africa don’t even file their own taxes,” the Executive Assistant to the Senate Subcommittee Deputy Secretariat told Newsquips.

Rather than sending out to all taxpayers the usual tax return booklet with a small envelope for taxpayers’ returns, the new package sent out to Americans will include a giant letter-size file box, which taxpayers will use to ship their returns to the IRS every year. Taxpayers are encouraged to use the U.S. Postal Service, even if it does cost taxpayers more, and take more time to deliver, “in order to encourage the UPS’s ongoing sustainability,” said one spokeswoman.

Asked by Newsquips whether she thinks Americans already spend far too much time doing their taxes and that it is already far too complicated, the aid replied, “Most people already hire like H&R Block to do their taxes because like duh it’s too hard to figure out yourself, so it’s not like a great burden like time-wise,” she said. “It will cost more to have our taxes prepared, but the economy is good now, so,” she added.

Tax refunds will, as a result, take more time to process — up to two and a half years — beginning in 2019, “but that time is expected to decrease by our target year 2032,” said the Senator.