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CNN whitewashes (scrubs?) Ebola czar’s Democratic Party hackery

We noticed that on Wolf Blitzer’s 1:00 PM show, he had referred to Ronald Klain as a “White House insider,” rather than as a “Democratic Party insider,” which is more factually accurate. The whitewashing, we verbally noted, continues apace.

But then we noticed something even more blatant. During Ashleigh Banfield’s show, at 12:00 noon, she showed a screen listing Klain’s partial record (as seen in a previous post here):


But the next hour, Wolf Blitzer, who described Klain as a “White House insider,” had this board instead – which had the “Democratic Party Insider” line erased.



Obama appoints a left-wing political hack as Ebola “Czar.”

Oh here we go. Another session of intensive CNN news analysis with another panel-a-palooza.


Four – count ’em – four CNN “journalists” and “analysts” discussed the crap out of this, for minutes on end, not one of them ever even remotely pointing out the political hackery going on with the appointment of this new “Czar,” or even the possibility of it, or even the appearance of it, despite this haYUGE screen detailing his political – and only political – credentials, overlaying their deep, deep analysis (and they left lots of the political hackery out).



So the Obama admin is going for a pure political solution to a health care problem. But just don’t you DARE accuse them of playing politics with America and its citizens’ health! If you do, then you’re a racist! Well hell, you are anyway.

This is the same Ronald Klain who tweeted this election truther idiocy in response to a Vox.com tweet (yeah, apparently he’s a fan of idiots’ web sites):

Well something rigged, but it’s not general elections.

So yeah. Stellar performance all around.