Yesterday we mused (barfed?) at the arrogance and elitism of liberals, as Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was caught on tape – three times  – proudly suggesting that Obamacare passed because Americans are stupid.

Therefore, today, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, in answer to a question about the Gruber gaffe-fest (that she got a question about him is shocking in and of itself), stumbled badly through an obvious lie, saying she didn’t even know who that guy was, and that he had no part in writing the Obamacare law.

Watch Pelosi fumble and stumble

Irony: By lying like that, Pelosi proves she’s exactly like Gruber: she lies, yet thinks you’re so stupid, you’ll believe any lie, and as a bonus, she thinks that’s all perfectly fine because… Obamacare.

Indecency: Gruber was reportedly paid about $400,000 to help advise about Obamacare. And Pelosi hadn’t heard of him? Wow. Your tax dollars mean utterly nothing to Pelosi.

Idiocy: Even though she says doesn’t know who in tarnation that cat is, she actually does, of course. She once proudly touted – on her own web site – his sage Obamacare analysis, in her effort to sell Obamacare to the “stupid Americans.” Here’s the link, but below are screen-captures of the page, because it will almost definitely be scrubbed clean or her web site will mysteriously crash, after Pelosi gets nailed for lying yet again. (Also see this video)




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